What does having a voice look like?

At home, this can include discussions in which after school activities you want to participate in, how your time at school is going in terms of teachers/grades/peers, the time you spend with family and friends, the number of chores you do and earning pocket money etc. Having a voice at school can look slightly different, this can include being able to have open conversations with your teacher about how you are finding your time at school in terms of grades and peers, whether or not you understand something and feel you need help, offering your opinion on something you are passionate about or learning in class.

What does not having a voice look like?

Not having a voice is when an authority figure, such as parents/guardians/teachers will not have an open discussion with you regarding your thoughts. Having your voice being suppressed at home and school can look like decisions being made for you without your input, constantly being told your opinion holds no weight (it is important to consider the decision being made here and take into consideration the age and maturity of yourself as well).

Why is it important to have a voice?

What makes us all unique are our different ideas and perspectives. Forming an opinion on something is very important in developing as a person, and we use these different ideas that we as individuals have often in society. It is important as a child to have a voice and exploring nature because not only do we grow as people, but we use these skills later on in life. It is crucial for the child to feel like they are able to openly discuss something that affects them as it gives them a sense of worth and value, which is important for a child to feel as they are growing up, and this sense of worth will be continued in adulthood.

What is this article about?
Article 12:

Having a voice, whether it be at home, school or another environment is having the ability to express your own opinion and ideas regarding a subject of matter that is relevant to you, or you are involved in. Having a voice does not mean you will always get your way, it means your opinion will be heard, acknowledged and discussed with you why it perhaps can not be done your way if that is the case.